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“KERAK: Heroin, My Brother and Me” is a documentary

about the heroin trade in Iran and Afghanistan.

It was produced by David Modell Productions for the US Channel Vice.

Original score of the documentary was composed in collaboration with Andy Price.


Six-part series taking viewers on a fascinating journey through the history and

cultural impact of music photography. Series will be premiered on Sky Arts.


Director: Dick Caruthers

Producer: Lisa Downs

Executive Producers: Gered Mankowitz, Peter Worsley

More information at iconmusicthroughthelens.com


Gabinete is a short documentary web series of Chilean visual artists. It shows the

motivations of contemporary art from the late 70’s until today and discovers the

characteristics of different artistic practices as well as the inspiration behind each creation.


Director: Felipe Rios

More Information at gabinetearte.com


In the shadow of the 1980 military coup in Turkey, three children aged 12-13,

playing their childish games soon arrive at an understanding of life’s responsibilities

and are hastily introduced into the world of the grownups.


Director: Faruk Hacihafizoglu


Pamir documents the traditional lives of Kyrgyz people living in a small village in Turkey.

Ulupamir (meaning Great Pamir) is a village of mostly Kyrgyz. They immigrated from the

Great Pamir and Little Pamir in the Wakhan, northern Afghanistan, in 1982.


Advertorial Film for Pulse PT Studio.

Producer : Cenk Varcan

Director : Seda Dokumacı


Off Fleek is a horror film which explores themes relating to bullying and body image.


Producer: Cara Weatherley

Director: Steven Dorrington


Advertorial film for Casper Nirvana F600


Director: Yiğit HepsevProduction

Post Production: Anima Istanbul


Kokosmos is a live action CGI short film which takes the audience on a captivating

journey in visual collage and the juxtaposition of images of space, being, nature and reality.


Director: Anna Radchenko


Animated lesson series for TED-Ed Originals that includes

The fascinating history of Cemeteries” and “How Thor got his Hammer”.


Directed by: Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou


A bizarre animated short film about a creature who wakes up in a laboratory
after an accident.
Production: Onion Skin Studio
Writer & Director: Cenk Köksal